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Polarizing microscopes are extremely useful for specialized medical and industrial applications, such as identifying crystals suspended in liquid, identifying minerals in core samples and detecting defects in semiconductors or finding stress points in metal, glass and other materials.

No other line of stereo microscopes can match the combination of superb optics, rugged dependability, economical pricing, and wide range of accessories offered by Meiji Techno's EM Series Stereo Microscopes.

RZ Series Stereo Microscopes are advanced, high-performance, modular, stereo microscopes specifically designed with today's demanding microscopy applications in mind.
Engineered around a common main objective and parallel optical paths, the RZ Series offers crisp, distortion-free, high-resolution images at magnifications ranging from 3.75x to 300x.

When you want to see surface features or specimens that are not translucent (such as minerals, ceramics, needles, catheters, integrated circuits, etc.) at high magnifications, you may need an incident light (or metallurgical) compound microscope that shines light down through the objectives onto the surface of the specimen.

MT6000 Series Models are binocular or trinocular, with 30 watt halogen transmitted Koehler Illumination with options including US made Nobska Lamphouse with fully adjustable power supply, phase contrast, polarizing and darkfield components, ergonomic binocular head with Photo/Video Attachment, USB2 Digital Video cameras, analytical software, camera adapters and more.

The MT4000 has all new CAD designed frame and Plan optics with all of the advantages and features of a professional microscope. Your choice of LED Illumination or true Koehler 30W halogen illumination. The MT4000 Series is perfect for day-to-day use in the laboratory or university classroom.

The MT5000 features all new infinity corrected U.Plan optics and F.N.22 super widefield eyepieces.

Since 1931, Lukas Microscope has been a full service microscope Sales & Service dealer. With New Microscopes, Used Microscopes, Digital Cameras, Camera Adapters, Imaging Software, Video Systems, and Accessories for most brands, and by utilizing the best components of our various suppliers, we can assemble the best system to meet your needs.

If you need repair or PM service, we have factory trained technicians to service your microscopes We service most brands of microscopes including Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus, Leica, Meiji, American Optical, and Bausch & Lomb.


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